7 Brilliant Mind Boggling Facts


7 Brilliant Mind Boggling Facts

Bored talking about the latest trends? Now get some facts to have deep conversations about. Following are some really cool facts which you had no idea about.

1. Orchids are so named because their roots resemble testicles – ‘Orkhis’ is Greek for testicles.

7 Brilliant Mind Boggling Facts

Source: Wikimedia

2. Some species of birds have to been known to hold funeral for the deceased.


Source: deviantart

3. There is an old Japanese saying that whatever dream you have first on a new year comes true.


Source: psu.edu

4. According to a study conducted by the University of California, dogs sometimes get jealous when they see their owners showing more love/affection for something or someone else.


Source: barkpost.com

5. India has more people using internet than the entire population of America.


Source: bro4u

6. Jeans have been banned for years in North Korea because they have been considered as a symbol of U.S imperialism.


Source: kinowear

7. Around 1980 , A&W tried to compete with McDonalds’ Quarter Pounder by selling a 1/3 pound burger at a lower price. But the product failed because people thought 1/4 pound was bigger.


Source: farmburger




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