7 things women need to stop worrying about this year


Well , most of the time women are seen stressing about something or the other thing and men crib a lot about this. But what to do ? Let’s put all the blame on hormones because a woman never does anything wrong herself. 😉

Well considering the stereotype of women stressing over everything, let’s talk about 7 things women need to stop stressing about this year.

1. Men


Well as everyone says , a man is responsible for all the problems so let’s start with them. Stop giving so much importance to men around you. They don’t need it and neither do you.

2. Mensuration –


I know this one is tough to not to stress about but ladies , hello just give yourself a break. It’s okay if you’re late and it doesn’t mean a baby is in your womb when you didn’t even have sex.

3. Looks –


All a girl really cares about once she is in her teens is about her looks and this excessive care increasing by age. Calm it ladies , you’re gorgeous just the way you are.

4. Sorted Career –


Everything takes time so will your Career. It’s okay if you don’t have a permanent job while you’re 24 , it doesn’t matter. Good things take time to happen , work hard and things will fall in place. Stressing about it won’t help you anyway.

5. Pimples –


Women are seen going crazy over this. You have pimples on your face ? So what ? Stressing over it won’t help you and on the other hand stress, anxiety causes pimples as well. So control your diet , drink lots of water and yes stay miles away from stress.

6. Marriage –


So you’re 27 and still unmarried ? Your family member are going crazy fetching you the right man. And all this is causing you to loose your self esteem? Buck up lady , you will get a man when the time is right and even if you don’t it isn’t a big thing. You can still enjoy your life or maybe a little more than the married ones 😉

7. Not having enough money –


Oh so you started the year by pampering yourself with a ‘little’ shopping and went all broke? It’s okay , chill. Every person has some sort of weakness , shopping is yours. Next time try to do a little less shopping and it’s totally okay to pamper yourself once in a while.




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