Behind the lens: Rendezvous with a budding photographer


Behind the lens:  Rendezvous with a budding photographer

When Eastman Kodak came up with the first camera, little did he know that his invention would pave the way for a new form of art! Photography, in this highly digital era is fast gaining popularity. It has further evolved as an art with the introduction of advanced editing software and hi-tech cameras.

Snehashis Sarkar, a budding photographer shares his tryst with the love of his life, photography. In these five years of being friends with him, I’ve hardly seen him so obsessed with anything else (barring his pets of course!)

Behind the Lens : Snehashis Sarkar

Behind the Lens : Snehashis Sarkar

Here is chat with this budding photographer:

What is your definition of photography?

Photography is an art of observation. It is all about finding something interesting even in a most ordinary location. I’ve discovered that it has nothing to do with the things you see, it all depends on the perspective you view it with. As it is said, ‘You don’t take a photograph, you make it’.

Your source of inspiration?

Nature, in the first place has always been a great inspiration. Being able to strain the beauty out of ordinary places with the lens of your camera is no less than magic.

My interest in photography began early in high school and I have been exploring this art thereafter.

Where all have your clicks been published till date?

My works have been published in telegraph t2 & ArtPhotoFeature magazine. Some of them have also been displayed in local photography exhibitions. In addition to that, I also maintain my photography Facebook Page

What according to you are the basic technical requirements for taking good photographs?

The exposure triangle of the camera should be strong. (The exposure triangle is a common way of associating the three variables that determine the amount of light in the photograph- aperture, shutter speed and ISO).

The best camera is the one you currently have. The user should know the complete functioning and features of his device. You should master the device you’re currently using before upgrading to a more advanced one.

What is your take on photo editing software?

With photo editors, photography has entered a whole new world! While you can do everything from tweaking the contrast to moving an object around with the help of software, the camera (and not the computer) should still remain the most important tool for a photographer. But even today, things like bringing an out of focus subject into focus or mending of a blurred subject due to wrong shutter speed cannot be accomplished using software. It is the responsibility of the photographer to make judicial use of software to edit their clicks.

Are you working for any website or magazine?

No, due to my academic commitments it’s not possible for me to work for a company. I’m in the process of creating a good portfolio for myself.

Where can we view more of your clicks?

More of my photos are available in my portfolio I’ve created. Here’s the link to my portfolio

Here are some photographs by Snehashis




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