Defining loneliness from women’s perspectives


Loneliness kills more minds than any other traumatic and dramatic events. It is visible to those who suffer silently but remains invisible in the eyes of justice.

Women are the most vulnerable sufferers of loneliness as society wants them to be dependent and this dependency becomes the ultimate curse for those women who are widowed young. Young widows and old women are among the most ‘weak’ social groups who are threatened to live a life which they are not willing to live. WHO gives the major cause of why there is an increase in the number of young widows. They revealed that women live more longer than men, child marriage and alcohol taken in large quantities by men.

Widows in India face a lot of problem inside their families and outside their homes. SERP (Society for elimination of Rural Poverty), an autonomous institute established in 2000 under Government of Andhra Pradesh extensively worked on the project of ‘illicit brewing in Warangal’ and found out that widowhood is a common site in the tribal villages of the district and most of the widows complained that their husbands died due to consumption of Gudumba, an illicit liquor which has taken 9200 lives in Gudadpally village since six years. Most of the widows are from the age group ranging from 2035 years.

Tribal villages (Thandas) are extremely patriarchal in nature wherein remarriage is only possible for men, not for women. Women are pressurized to live with their loneliness for the sake of their children and families. Most of the women are not even capable to work in fields because they are not acquainted with the outside world as they have never stepped out of their homes. Illiteracy and poverty are the main causes due to which they are not able to engage themselves in any kind of work. As they are unable to work and earn, it becomes quite difficult to get stable after the main bread winner dies.

Due to societal pressures and prejudices, women suffer from this disease of loneliness quite frequently. Even the upper class elite women who are wives suffer from severe loneliness as their husbands are busy with their day to day activities and they have less time to spend with their
families and children.

Feeling of emptiness in life can bring various kinds of mental strains which can lead to depression, decrease in self confidence, insecurity in relationships and decline in health conditions. Loneliness can be a cure as well as a poison. Many women like to live alone and enjoy being lonely so as to gain peace of mind and get out of the busy mundane life. Loneliness acts as a healer for those women who get tired after working for the whole day.

Everything has its own pros and cons but the choice of choosing the best makes a man practical and wiser. Women’s loneliness has various perspectives but the initial concept of human mind and psychology defines that every man is a social being wherein they live in the society for the society. So, women being a major part of society are always intended to manage their loneliness on their own without saying and suffering becomes their side-business in however good situation they might be living .





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