DIY projects – A new hobby to pick this year


DIY projects – A new hobby to pick this year

The season of good cheer is finally here. Raunchy parties and exotic vacations are the trending topics in every circle. But if you are not up to either of those, fret not, as here is something that will keep you busy this winter. DIY projects or Do-it-yourself is the new hip thing to do. It is a pocket friendly way of making yourself some quirky new home décor that you can brag about later on. Well don’t worry if you are not Ms.Knitting Jenny or nimble fingers, you can still create wonderful pieces and what’s more? This will be a refreshing experience and you will be in higher spirits after the holidays.

Here are a few ideas you can try :

  • Highlight your wall

DIY projects


Choose a wall that you’d like to stand out and paint it in a color different to the other walls but make sure the colors complement each other. Or you can simply pick a statement wallpaper and hang it yourself. Another idea is to create a photo wall where you can create a collage of many pictures. A pro tip is in first visualizing the layout of your wall and then choosing what to do with it.

  • Create a reading corner



Find a nook in your house and put together comfortable reading chairs and an assortment of cushions along with and old bookshelf to give it a rustic feel and there you go, you have your own place to unwind after a tiring day at work! Make sure this place is well lit to make it a better experience.

  • Recycle old furniture



We all have that unwanted hand-me-down furniture which is gathering dust at some corner of our house. It is time now to bring it out and make it your centerpiece! Invest in some paint and primer and bring out your old set of gloves and give it a splash of color. When it comes to DIY, the brighter is always better!

  • All about vintage



Now you can give a regal look to your abode with no over the top expenses to go with. Look for old vintage pieces like a wooden clock stand or bronze wind chimes. Plan your theme centering around this piece and watch how much of a difference it makes to the whole setup. 

All this and more, unleash your creative side this festive season and find more than one reason to happy! Cheers and Good luck!




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