Dracula Book Review


Name of the Book:  Dracula

Author: Bram Stoker

Date of its Release: May 26, 1897


Dracula is an epistolary novel set up mainly in Transylvania in the late 19th century revolving around the Count Dracula who is in fact, a blood sucking animal, a vampire, that has been dead many years now and is still undead. Jonathan Harker, an ambitious solicitor visits Count Dracula at his mansion and is forced to overstay his presumed welcome and endure montage of extremely horrifying experiences. His betrothed fiance is Mina Murray, who was staying, at that time, with her beloved friend, Lucy who is in turn turned into a vampire by the Count and is killed by her own fiance. Dracula is captured and thus, killed by Mina Harker, her husband, Professor Van Helsing, Dr.Seward and their 2 friends, one of which is killed at the end of the book. In the end, virtue trumps evil and Dracula is executed. Mina gives birth to a son and they live happily ever after.

Stoker explicitly links vampirism and sexuality from the early chapters of the novel, when the three vampire beauties visit Harker in Dracula’s castle. Because of the prejudices of his time barred him from writing frankly about intercourse, Stoker suggests the intercourse only through the small means of words he can use without affecting the then social protocols. The means by which Dracula feeds, for instance, echo the mechanics of sex. The use of handwritten accounts of the principal characters, along with fictional newspaper clippings and telegrams, lends an air of authenticity to an otherwise fantastic story. Although this epistolary form makes the events of Dracula seem more real—or, in the very least, more intimate than they might have seemed if related by a single narrator. The main characters are all very well portrayed, each with a separate personality, quirks, and role to play in the story. The story itself is heartbreaking, full of the emotion of the characters as they deal with life, death and love, this is beautifully realized. Dracula touches on many themes, savagery, love, religion, technology to name just a few. It leaves you thinking upon it for a long time afterward and is required reading for any fan of horror or vampires.

Dracula is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful horror tales ever written. Dracula has spawned many modern day vampires, but this most iconic character still unleashes the mind’s deepest, darkest fears. It is in equal measures mesmerizing as it is diabolical.

9.0 One of the most most powerful horror tales.

Dracula is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful horror tales ever written.

  • Book Rating 9




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