Go Green, Go Healthy, Go Subway!


You must be familiar with a situation, where you just walk past the noisy and the most chaotic roads satya niketan, you don’t have any plans of eating but the vibrant and mesmerising fragrance of the sandwiches in subway just can’t let you pass that restaurant. It’s one restaurant which is closely related to the idea of the pizza and sandwich restaurants abroad where you have to select your own ingredients and bread and your sandwich will be ready and yummy and most importantly, of your own choice.

When you enter the restaurant, the employees happily welcome you with a warm smile and make you feel comfortable. They give u ample time to select as to what kind of sandwich you want from the menu.

After you’ve made your selection, they give you time to choose the kind of bread you would prefer (for example: multigrain bread, oragano bread or the newest roasted parmesan bread). Then you go on to selecting your Vegetables and sauces.


They keep your choice the primary one and don’t go against it and neither to they force you to add some ingredients which u don’t like. Since, sandwiches are always healthy so even momma’s these days have no objection for such a outdoor snack. They make it as healthy as possible and clean with proper gloves and fresh vegetables. The cheese and the sauces give the sub-mixture of all the flavours.

The chilli from red chilli sauce and mustard , sweetness from mayonnaise, zingy and sour taste from the barbeque sauce. All of these sauces gives u a balanced taste and even the vegetables do not seem plain and boring. So whoever does not like tomatoes or lettuce, here’s a chance to develop your taste and grow healthy. Since these days people are really health conscious that’s why subway proves really fair for them to eat outside without making them conscious about the calories and weight. On top of it, a subway is a very filling snack, it won’t leave any space in your tummy for anything else.

The combo system has made this thing even more interesting and delicious. If the sub is really chilli , they give u cold drinks and cookies in the combo which serves as a sweet dessert after a nice filling meal. The drinks add up to the flavour and make u feel comfortable drinking it.

Even thought it sounds a really hard but the prices are reasonable. You won’t even have to think about your budget or the amount of money you have in your wallet.


Not only in satya niketan, but all subways have a warming atmosphere and just like a bucket of KFC chicken your tummy is full and this concept has proved to be really good as you are not bound to one menu but you can modify the dish as you want.

So all the calorie conscious people, open the door and run as fast as a cheetah and get yourself a sub.

Go on a subway safari!




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A big food loving person, loves to cook food as well as eat and try different dishes. I am a strong and independent girl currently studying in Delhi university. I love to write and inspire people and their food.

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