Google ask for help to name Android N


Google is ready to launch it’s upcoming new mobile operating system, Android N with latest features.  Android N is the next major release of the Android operating system and google is keen to ask it’s users to decide the name for next version of one of the most popular mobile operating system in the world. 

You can now download Android N Developer Preview and test its new features but along with that you can help Google to decide what to name the next version of Android. 

Whats is Android N? How you can name it?

Every major release of Android gets a version number and a nickname. Android 6.x is “Marshmallow.” Android 5.x is “Lollipop.” Android 4.4 is “KitKat.”  And now Alphabetically, “N” is next so Google named it Android N but as all it’s old versions have nickname as mentioned above now Google wants it’s user to decide on name which can start with letter N.



Google launched a web page where users can suggest and submit their ideas that start with the letter N. So if you have any wonderful name in mind for the next version of the Android then Submit your own ideas for names now !!!

Android N




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