Her Story – And she was left alone..


The scars on her soul were clearly speaking of the pain she had gone through. It amazes me how they remained unnoticed? She must have been a very beautiful and cheerful person with heart filled with joy, compassion, dreams and happiness until the day they all were crushed and buried by the monster that dwell in humans.


She must have shouted a lot and asked for help. But all in return she received was jeer from the people. She must be scared of telling people what she was going through, as she was confused from the horrifying experience she was getting daily and knew nothing was right.

She might have tried escaping but the doors must be closed. Few by the monster, few by the people and rest by her fear and belief of being trapped in.

She knew it was difficult for her to find a way out as there was no one on her side to believe her, to understand her and take her out somewhere, where she feels safe.


And all she can see was him, the monster, roaming around freely, without any fear of what he has done or he was doing. Everyone around were blinded by the mask he was wearing and were praising him. Mask of goodness, kindness and politeness. Over a period of time he has mastered the art of hiding the devil inside.

And now she was left alone in the battle to suffer without any weapons, without any strategy nor even an escape plan. All she could see was her dreams, ambitions and her life getting engulfed by the dark and destructive mentality of the people. And she lost all the faith. Faith in good. Suffering was not her choice but she was forced to…




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Neha Ghate

Travel every chance I get because "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." Avid traveler & trekker, blogger, foodie by heart and extremely passionate about exploring the world. Travel to me is not a break but it's my way of life.

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