WhatsApp text Status feature is back – Learn How to Add Text Status in WhatsApp


WhatsApp has started rolling out the old “text status” feature. The feature, which was removed after WhatsApp introduced a new feature that too was called Status, is now part of the user profile. This feature is now called “About and phone number” and users can access it by going to their profile tab into settings.

How it works?

1. Update your whats app from Play Store:

Click here to update your whats app from play store. 

2. Open your Whats app and click on Settings:


3. Click on your Profile Photo and then click on default status of whats app under About and phone number and add your new status:

4. Click OK and Bingo !!! Your New Text Status is updated Successfully.

It comes with the all the default status options as well like – Available, Busy, Urgently call only, At school, At the movies and the rest. 

Note: Not everyone is getting the update in play store at same time. So keep on checking your play store if you didn’t received latest whats app update.




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